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Clubfoot Solution

Iowa Brace Shoe(s)

Iowa Brace Shoe(s)

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Each shoe has an AFO insert, a tongue, and straps with enhanced buckles. The open-toe design allows room for the foot to grow between changes in shoe size. The shoes come in twelve sizes, U.S. children’s size 000 to U.S. children’s size 12.

Platforms are Required


Platforms can be used with either a left or right shoe.

Platforms come in three sizes

  • Small platforms are for shoe sizes 000-3

  • Medium platforms for sizes 4-9

  • Large platforms for sizes 10-12

Platforms change size from shoe size 3 to 4 (Platform small to medium) and then Shoe size 9 to 10 (Platform size medium to large). Platforms will not work on shoes outside their size range.



The Iowa Brace Platform Screws are available in 2 pack replacement packs for both the front and back screws.

All screws are phillips head drive.17 mm screw for heel hole. 13 mm screw for toe hole

WARNING: The Iowa Brace is designed and intended to be used with children whose clubfoot has been fully corrected with the Ponseti method. Do not use the brace with a child who has a partially corrected clubfoot or a relapsed clubfoot, as this may result in pain and injury to the child.If any part of the Iowa Brace (shoe, straps, platform, plugs, screws, or the Iowa Flexbar) fails, malfunctions, or is damaged, do not used the damaged part. For information about the warranty, replacement, and return policy, visit or contact Clubfoot Solutions.

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