Build a Custom Iowa Brace

Build a Custom Iowa Brace with WishBone Medical

The Iowa Brace is a great Club Foot Solution, but sometimes doctors reccommend different shoe sizes for each foot. On this webpage, we will walk you through ordering a customized Iowa Brace Complete Set for your patient.

If at any point you need assistance with ordering, please call customer service (+1-574-306-4049) for assistance.


The sizing of the Iowa Brace components is important, please refer to this image to verify the parts you are ordering are compatible.

Iowa Brace Size Guide

Shoe Selection

First select the shoe size your patient needs. We offer shoes in pairs, or as single Right/Left shoes.


Platform Selection

Platforms are neccessary, they are the connector that connects the bar and the shoe to complete the brace. Platforms are sold in singles, or in pairs. There are three sizes of platforms that correspond to the shoe size your patient will have.


Platforms come in three sizes

  • Small platforms are for shoe sizes 000-3
  • Medium platforms for sizes 4-9
  • Large platforms for sizes 10-12

Platforms change size from shoe size 3 to 4 (Platform small to medium) and then Shoe size 9 to 10 (Platform size medium to large). Platforms will not work on shoes outside their size range.

Screws are neccessary to attach the platforms to the screws. Screws are offered in 13mm (for the toe hole) and 17mm (for the heel hole) pairs.


Bar Selection

Although the choice of bar length is at discretion of the supervising healthcare provider, suggested bar lengths for different shoe sizes are as follows:

Additional Accessories

Set of 4 replacement stop plugs for the Iowa Brace reversible platform


An extra set of release keys to aid in the release of the Iowa Flexbar. Comes in a package of two.

All Done!

Once you have added your health professional reccommended items and the correct sizes of each part to your cart, you may check out and your order will be shipped as soon as possible.